Strategic Goals

Alwaly Hospital Strategic Goals:

  • Alwaly Hospital as a Center of Excellence will Continue Supporting & Implementing the Strategic directions.
  • Support of Education and Training Programs.
  • To strengthen existing and develop new services those are responsive to the needs of al Wali Hospital.
  • Increase Productivity anad Creativity Reach out to the community.

At ALWALY hOSPITAL, we subscribe to the view that quality is the outcome of all activities that take place within the organization. Total Quality Management (TQM), a discipline and philosophy of management which institutionalizes planned and continuous improvement is instituted in our group.We also place emphasis on the focus of improvements being on systems and processes rather than on the individual; also that all function and employees have to participate in the improvement process.


The scope of the Performance Improvement Program includes an overall assessment of the efficacy of performance improvement activities with a focus on continually improving services provided and patient safety practices conducted, throughout the centre. The program consists of these focus components: performance improvement, patient safety, and quality assessment/improvement and quality control activities.These indicators are objective, measurable, based on current knowledge and experience. They are structured to produce statistically valid performance measures of care provided. This mechanism also provides for evaluation of improvements and the stability of the improvement over time.

Goals and Objectives

  • Promote a safe environment for patients and staff.
  • Facilitate a culture of quality throughout all organizations in the group.
  • Provide a systematic approach to performance improvement activities.
  • Promote high quality, cost effective services through the development and implementation of policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Promote effective communication.
  • Foster staff education processes.
  • Improve employee relations and promote employee satisfaction.
  • Ensure all regulatory requirements are included in performance measures.
  • Establish priorities for performance improvement activities.