The mission of our pharmacy department is to provide quality pharmaceutical care to our patients in an atmosphere that promotes healing and wellness. We offer compassionate care in complex and deeply personal situations.

The Pharmacy department within Alwaly Hospital consists of a highly trained team of 24 Pharmacists and 10 Pharmacy Technicians. The team receives, reviews and enters drug orders from physicians and other prescribing healthcare providers. The department also undertakes the preparation and checking of all prepared medications.

Our team is also responsible for in-time delivery and patient counseling regarding medication for all relevant departments within the hospital (including Inpatients and Outpatients).

The Pharmacy department work hard to dispense over 25,000 drugs each month and fill over 10,000 prescriptions. Our skilled team monitors the appropriateness of prescriptions which are written and check prescriptions in terms of their dose, frequency, drug-drug interactions, drug-food interactions and allergy implications to ensure the safety of all patients.