The radiology department concerns with diagnosis of diseases using medical imaging techniques, x-rays and employing advanced computers and other sophisticated equipments.

Services Offered

What originated as a two roomed single X-ray unit department has grown into a fully equipped department meeting up to the ranks of implicit quality and standards anywhere.

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Along with our two advanced technology ultrasound units, our recent additions of a Color Doppler ultrasound and CT scan unit have further enhanced our diagnostic acumen.

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The Ultrasound units with their range of multiprove and multifrequency applications allow the best of high resolution imaging. This has been complemented with our Siemens Helica CT scanner which can further characterize and diagnose doubtful pathologies.

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Our investigative procedures include all routine and special investigations such as IVU, MCU, Barium studies and Hsg studies using the safest and most patient-friendly techniques.

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The balance between a personalized service to our patients and a scientific protocol, in coordination with various other specialties has been the key to Quality of service in pinpointing our diagnostic focus.

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Sonography & Mammography

Screening for breast cancer on mammography unit has been crucial to early detection of breast lesions. The new 3D & 4D sonography has broadened the horizons in Obstetrical and Gynecological imaging.

Radiology Services

Alwaly Hospital Radiology Department offers the following range of services:

  • Plain x-ray imaging
  • Ultrasound: These unique ultrasound machines are equipped with color Doppler as well as Elastography which allows us to make a very specific diagnosis
  • A 128-slice CT scanner in an ambient environment is capable of precisely identifying even tiny structures with low levels of radiation
  • The Siemens MRI scanner is located in a beautiful ambience. This unique scanner has a wide bore making it extremely convenient for patients who may be claustrophobic
  • The Mammography services are performed with the help of a digital Mammomat Inspiration Siemens machine in a low – stress environment
  • Bone Mineral Densitometry – BMD